This integration allows you to create Freshdesk tickets out of reviews your customers leave on Trustpilot. Also, the agent can directly reply to the review from Freshdesk. The reply will be added as a reply to the review on Trustpilot.



  • Login to your Freshdesk Account
  • Goto Admin > Workflows > Ticket Fields.
  • Create a new custom Ticket field of type Single-line text with the label - Trustpilot Review Id
  • Click the Save field.
Please complete the prerequisites before installing the application.

App installation

Step - 1 (Trustpilot Setup)

  • Enter your Trustpilot Account details.

  • Click Login. You will be redirected to Freshdesk.

Step - 2 (Freshdesk Setup)

  • Provide your Freshdesk Subdomain and API Key. Don't know where to find your API Key. Click here.

  • Click Validate to validate your Freshdesk account.


Step - 3 (Freshdesk Fields Setup)

  • Please enter the default values for the mandatory fields (if any). These values will be applied to the ticket created by the application.

  • Click Next.

Step - 4 (Trustpilot Business Authentication Setup)

  • Provide Trustpilot Business Name & Choose Star Rating. Don't know where to find your Trustpilot Businesses name. Click here.

  • Enable the Trustpilot business polling status.

  • Click Validate. After Successful validation click Install to proceed.

Note:- The reviews will be fetched based on the star rating. For example: If the star rating is selected as 4-star then the reviews which have the star rating ranges from 1-4 will be fetched and created a ticket in Freshdesk.